Empowering Industries with Blockchain Technology

Supply Chain Management

Provide end-to-end visibility and traceability in supply chains, reducing fraud, and counterfeiting, and improving logistics and inventory management.

Financial Services

Enable faster and cheaper cross-border payments, enhance identity verification, and streamline processes like remittances, trade finance, and lending.


Securely store and share patient records, facilitate interoperability among healthcare providers, and enhance data privacy and security.

Real Estate

Streamline property transactions, reduce fraud, and provide transparent and immutable records of property ownership.

Intellectual Property

Establish proof of ownership and protect intellectual property rights for digital assets like music, art, and patents.


Enable peer-to-peer energy trading, optimize energy distribution, and enhance transparency in renewable energy certificate markets.

Blockchain Solutions

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  • Token Classification

  • Valuation

  • Revenue Recognition

  • Internal Controls and Auditing

Blockchain tokens can be classified as financial assets, intangible assets, or even equity, depending on their features and use cases.

The volatile nature of token prices, as well as the lack of established valuation frameworks, makes it difficult to assign an accurate and consistent value to tokens.

Determining when and how to recognize revenue from token-related transactions can be complex, particularly for utility tokens that provide users access to goods or services.

The decentralized and distributed nature of blockchain technology presents unique challenges for internal controls and auditing processes.

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